After School programs provide a perfect platform specially for kids India to do justice to his/her talent. Within our strict schooling system which concentrates on book learning and memorization skills, a child’s creativity gets locked. Depending on what the activity is, after school programs help enhance different life skills that will be of great help for students in their life.

After school classes across the world are done mostly based on a child’s interest in a particular area, The skills and habits a child learns help to shape the kind of future they will lead as an adult. They also help them disassociate themselves from mindless TV programs, video games and other technological stuff, helps them remain socially active.  As a a child explores his abilities it increase positive self-development and leads to higher educational retainment, success and achievements in work.

Various studies conducted have also shown that after school programs have a positive affect in the academic performance of children. It is also studied that students who participate in an after-school program on average have less disciplinary citations, are suspended less, and are expelled less than their peers who do not participate in any activity.

About 40 million youths have registered themselves for after school activity in the US they are mostly held at community centers, parks, library and schools. They children take part in activities like robotics,art,sports etc. In the United Kingdom the after school activities are usually commercialised and paid for by the parents, the children take part in many sports,science and cultural activities.In Japan children go to a club activity called Bukatso where they are divided into Sports and cultural clubs and do different activities related to them.

In India after school centers are run by NGOs and Private centers. They primarily focus on sports like cricket, computer based activities and cultural activities like dance. Sadly in our country the number of children taking part in these activities are very less compared to others. Childrens must be encouraged to take part in such activities, they must take part in things they enjoy and at the same time develop their skills.

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