Students Learning practically often retain three times as much as sitting in a room and listening intently. By learning practically students put their education theory into practice and thereby makes it more relevant. Practical work promotes experiential learning,encourages self-learning,familiarizes students with tools and equipment that he will be required to use.

With Emphasis on Practical learning we Infinite Engineers started a project called Dexter Box . The Dexter Box is a Hand-on science learning kit that brings subjects alive, creating an enjoyable learning atmosphere. It is based on the curriculum of schools and helps children learn things from their book in a practical way. A Dexter Box consists all required experiments for a period of one year. It is available for class 6,7,8 and 9 for CBSE and Samacheer curriculum.

In this teaching method, students are often asked to create their own solutions using resources inside the Dexter Box and at their home. Through the Dexter Box children put into practice what they learn theoretically. Using Dexter Box Children are able to observe, learn and understand concepts in a far greater capacity compared to learning theoretically. The learning objectives are clear, and relatively few in number for any given task and do not stress the children.

There are about 17 schools associated with Infinite Engineers in Chennai which use our Dexter Box to promote practical way of learning.

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