“Why Memorise concepts when you can Understand it ?” This was the reason why we started Dexter Box the Hands-on classroom hoping to bring subjects alive and to create an enjoyable learning atmosphere.

Our Dexter Box school program kick started this week at Sri Bala Vidyalaya School. It was wonderful meeting our 7th class friends who expressed so much of excitement to learn science in its true way. First class is always necessary because it’s your opportunity to establish the basic goals and expectations for the Children from the course.

We started the class teaching children about the basics of Acid and Bases from their curriculum with the help of some simple solutions helping them understand the basics of “Acids and Bases”. We gave them 4 solutions having 2 acids and bases with phenolphthalein and Methyl Orange as indicator, Litmus paper was used to help them detect whether solution was acid or base.

We followed it up with some fun general science sessions which included making a water rocket and putting corn flour powder into flames. The whole class was very well received by the students which was seen from their enthusiasm. Their eagerness to learn has given us a big boost and we expect to return with more  exciting ways to make learning fun.

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