How Valuable Internship Was to Muthu Veeran

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Muthu Veeran is a Mechanical Engineering student from Rajalakshmi Engineering College. He spent a month as intern at Infinite Engineers and shares his experience with us.

I joined Infinite Engineers as an intern along with my friends for about one month during my holidays. The environment was totally different, People at Infinite Engineers work with and for each other. We interns were mostly part of projects and other jobs helping us enhance and improve our skills.

I have learnt a lot of things from infinite engineers and the most important thing was learning how to turn small ideas into reality. The internship has had a huge impact on me. It also helped me on a personal note as I was able to meet different people understand them and work as a team.

The internship program was very useful for me if not here I would have wasted my holidays. It helped me develop my skills and socialize with people. I would like to thank Infinite Engineers for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

How an Internship at Infinite Engineers Shaped Prasanna’s Life

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Students tend to go to an internship because it offers you the chance to learn by doing in a setting where you are supervised by a workplace professional and have the opportunity to achieve your own learning goals. But how does an internship change a person?

Prasanna is a mechanical engineering student at Rajalakshmi Engineering College, he along with his friends was at Infinite Engineers for a one month internship and shares his experience with us.

I completed my exams and on the next day I was here for my internship. I had a different perception of how a start up would work, I was thinking that people will be serious and work in an organized manner like it is shown in the movies. When i came here everything was different, after coming here I strongly agree with the term “learning with fun”, it was like going to your cousins house but a small difference is you learn a lot. Everyone here were unique and work as a family.

Before coming here I thought i would be asked to do a lot of paperwork, data entry works and other stuff, but to my surprise they gave me a lot of research work, they kept us more involved made us talk to different people from companies and a lot more which helped me develop my skills.The  mentors here kept us involved in different projects and helped us learn new things.

During this internship, I developed my personality,attitude and communication skills, these are something I consider as basic human skills. I was an introvert, I was shy even to call and order a Pizza, but over the month I have become more comfortable communicating with people. We were asked to phone and speak to companies, I talked to about 40 different people and it’s something I could never had imagined doing before coming here.

The internship was nothing short of a remarkable journey wherein I got ample opportunities to enhance my skills, prove my mettle, learn new things and develop myself as better person.

How Internship provided Murali Krishnan with the building blocks for his future

Internship Stories


Murali Krishna is a Mechanical Engineering student at Rajalakshmi Engineering College who wishes to start his own startup company after completing his education, He shares his internship experience at Infinite Engineers with us.

I came to Infinite Engineers with my friends for an internship after a college mate recommended it to me, I had a different perception of the world and how works are done, after coming here everything was different, most things we learn at college are of zero use at a professional environment .The first and best thing about Infinite Engineering is freedom, love and dedication towards the job and innovation, These things make it different from other places.

The mentors assigned us to different projects helped us learn learn things like importance of teamwork, developing a sense of responsibility, taking initiatives and working with accuracy. They helped us enhance and develop our presentation and our communication skills. They thought us the importance of Hardwork and not to postpone things but to start doing them as early as possible.

We worked on a project called ATL Tinkering Lab for which we spoke to over 50 contacts all over India and were very happy when we got a client and this project enhanced our communication skills. We even learnt things like short-film making, website designing and many small things which will be of great help.

My time at Infinite Engineering has totally changed me at a personal and professional front. It has given my an understanding about different process that takes place in a professional environment. I have even developed different ideas and plans for my future endeavors. I would love to thank Infinite Engineering for giving me this precious opportunity to explore the real world.